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Newsletter Vol. 1

By: Mr. Roberts

Welcome to Mr. Roberts Beauty Supply Store. This on-line store will carry products I have found to be of excellent quality.
Having had the privilege to have worked as a cosmetologist for over fifty years, I have seen the industry  change into a very high tech field of science and art. Today, top hairstylists have a greater understanding of the art and science of the skin and hair. Therefore, manufacturers are developing products that address the  many issues of skin and hair that are concerns of the hairstylist. Mizani is one of those manufacturers.
This newsletter will help you to understand how to use some Mizani products in order to help keep hair healthy, strong, manageable, and beautiful. The hairstylist makes up  half of the care of the hair and the client is responsible for the other half. A knowledgeable hairstylist gives clients  instructions on how to care for the hair on a daily basis. These instructions may differ depending on the client’s environment, hair texture and life style.

In the next newsletter we will review the composition, structure, properties and reactions of hair.